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Restoring the Foundations of Faith, Family and Freedom.

Welcome to Great State Alliance!

Faith, Family, and Freedom is the theme of Great State Alliance’s mission to restore businesses, schools, and churches in our communities. Like-minded conservatives gather in-person for food, fellowship, and the free exchange of ideas. Get involved and stay informed through our Biz Connect and quarterly events as we seek to be the solutions our communities need!


Great State Alliance’s Tipping Point Academy is a mask-free, Junior K–12th Grade Private Christian School. We’ve built a comprehensive educational program to develop tomorrow’s Godly titans in education, business, technology, culture, trades, homemaking, ministry and civics. We’re committed to the best spiritual, academic, social, and physical education a community can provide.


Great State Alliance was formed to help reopen Arizona’s businesses and communities following unrealistic COVID mandates sweeping the nation. Biz Connect supports local conservative business leaders and invites them to support one another. By participating as a GSA Biz Connect Member, you can promote your business through our GSA Business Directory, making it easier to invest our spending with like-minded conservatives. Our Biz Connect members are encouraged to support GSA initiatives and represent GSA in the marketplace. 

Want to Support Our Mission?

We have been able to accomplish all we have these past three years due to the generous contributions from those in our community. If you’d like to join our movement, you can do so by making donations directly, or you can become a GSA member and give monthly donations by selecting one of the options below.

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A video showing a Great State Alliance Event

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