Our Story

Great State Alliance was birthed in April 2020 out of a movement to reopen Arizona’s businesses and communities, called Great 48. Our citizen formed and led group mobilized over 35k Arizona citizens in 3 weeks to create a united voice and make a stand for Liberty on the weekend of May 1st. Between 300400 businesses were inspired to open in defiance of an unlawful executive order.

In our efforts to continue this fight for freedom, we have formed this nonprofit organization which is committed to advocating on behalf of all US citizens to ensure that our Constitutional Liberties are protected and preserved.

Our Mission

To Protect and Preserve the Constitutional Liberties of Businesses, Churches, Schools & Communities.

What People Say

“I’m blessed to be a part of a business alliance whose first priority is honoring God and His word, the family and the constitution. I’m excited to fellowship throughout the month with like-minded business owners and leaders. The vision of this group is alive, passionate and growing!”

Nichole Uhland, Owner of Faith in Health Holistic Nutrition

“When I was asked to attend a GSA Biz Connect meeting, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was glad I accepted. I felt at home immediately with this wonderful group of like-minded people. I look forward to every meeting with my Conservative, Christian, Constitutional GSA ‘family’.”

Sharon Oberritter, Oberritter Travel

“GSA is an organization with meaning! I enjoy connecting with like-minded businesses so that we can support each other and grow together. Knowing that my dollars are spent with business owners that are making a positive contribution to our country is a great feeling and priceless.”

Bruce Battoe, Director, Elite Business Films

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