Great State Alliance Membership

Support for GSA’s mission is maintained through direct donations and personal or business memberships.

Our Mission: Restoring the foundations of faith, family and freedom, while supporting conservative business leaders in our community.

Our Vision: To be an influential force for good in our communities throughout the United States of America. Our intention is to strengthen Christ’s love through 4 sectors: Education, Business, Politics and The Church. We believe that our founding fathers created our Constitution on biblical principles, and that by weaving God through each of these four sectors, strengthens each one and is what was intended at the birth of this great nation. We created Biz Connect to serve our local communities in bringing like-minded, Christian business leaders together. Through our GSA activities, our intention is to bring more people to God, to create deeper connections within our communities, to engage more people, inspiring them to get more involved civically, and to restore the glory of this great nation.

Business Memberships

Are you a conservative, patriot business owner?

Do you wish to be a part of a group of like-minded professionals who are committed to defending our foundational freedoms, including our ability to run a business in a free market?

Do you want to have a resource in which you know you are supporting other patriot owned businesses?

If so, then welcome to GSA Biz Connect! 


Be listed in our GSA Business Directory!

Attend our First Friday Conservative Conversations & Biz Connect!

Showcase your business at our Annual Freedom Market!

Grow your network!



Partner Members get $50 off their Freedom Market Table

Frontline Members get 50% off their Freedom Market Table

Partner Member $50/month

Frontline Member $100/month


Personal Memberships

Minuteman Member $10/month

Patriot Member $25/month

For those that are inspired by our movement, yet perhaps don’t have a business, or are simply wanting to support us in some way, we offer these two additional memberships. As either a Minuteman or Patriot Member, your reoccuring donation will help us to fund our Tipping Point Academy preK through 12 private, Christian school, as well as other Great State Alliance initiatives. We will also add you to our monthly newsletter so you can stay up to date on all GSA is doing.

We appreciate you and your support!

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